Sahyadris to Hindukush      

A historical novel capturing the rise of the Maratha empire . 

                          Now also in Marathi . 



 A historical novel describing the rise and spread of the Maratha empire , culminating in the conquest of Attock , situated on the banks of the holy river Indus ( Sindhu ) . 


The year is 1740 and the budding Maratha empire has already spread across much of western and central Hindustan .Their commander Bajirao has died an unexpected and untimely death . The onus is now on Balaji Bajirao , Shahu , Holkar , Scindia , Bhosale and others to keep their flag flying high .
At the same time , across the Hindukush mountains far to the northwest , the Pakhtuns are coalescing under their new leader - Ahmed Shah Abdali .
This novel attempts to bring alive the life and times of the Indian subcontinent in the 18th century , complete with it's grimy politics and stories of defeat , betrayal , inspiration and victory .


Genre      :   Historical novel . 

ISBN        :   978-81-7265-339-5  . 

Pgs          :  187

Price        :  Rs  200             

Publisher : Snehavardhan Publishing House , Pune